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 Callahan Counseling Services Continuing Education Series

Callahan Counseling Services, is pleased to present:

Continuing Education

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Approved for Social Workers


A Families Turning™ Workshop

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

9:00 am – 4:00 pm (Registration 8:30)

Presented by

Nancy E. S. Wood, LSW, BSN


About the workshop

·         Do you want a more harmonious relationship with an adult sibling?

·         Do you want a more fulfilling relationship with an adult child?

·         Do you need to have an important discussion with your parents?

Communicating accessible and usable skills to strengthen self-awareness and transform adult to adult relationships is critical as we assist individuals to find function and fulfillment in their family lives. As we leave our teenage years we often leave home and find independence, new friendships, work relationships and perhaps start a family. As we grow older we change and mature emotionally, but this doesn’t automatically translate into functional and harmonious adult family relationships between parents, adult children and siblings.

When these adults in their families come back together emotionally and/or physically, they may want more fulfilling relationships or they may need to attend to important business. But, they find themselves confounded by old patterns that won’t shift even as they work for these changes.

This workshop combines options from many therapeutic modalities to provide practical skills and transformative ideas to help family members turn toward one another emotionally. As professionals we can teach them communication skills and provide directions for conversations and meetings, but without a personal change of heart, these skills and directions are often not very successful. 


Through this workshop you will learn:

1.               1.   Tools to assist clients to understand their emotional relationship network.

2.               2.    Effective and accessible self-awareness tools to understand family relationships.

3.               3.    A framework for personal transformation in family relationships.

4.              4.     Application of usual and new communication tools in a transformed relationship.


8:30 AM                                       Registration


9:00 AM                                       ADULTS IN THEIR FAMILIES:  Preparing to Turn


10:30 AM                                     BREAK  15  MINUTES


10:45 AM                                     ADULTS IN THEIR FAMILIES: Starting the Turn


12:00 NOON                               BREAK – LUNCH 1HR (On your own)


1:00 PM                                        ADULTS IN THEIR FAMILIES: Leaning Into the Turn


2:30 PM                                        BREAK 15 MINUTES


2:45 PM                                        ADULTS IN THEIR FAMILIES:  Families Turning


4:00 PM                                        END – QUESTIONS – SURVEYS

This program is offered for (6) hours of social work continuing education through Callahan Counseling Services. These credit hours satisfy requirements for WV NASW Approval Number.

The Fee of $87.00 includes a workbook and Continuing Education Units. EARLY REGISTRATION $72.00.  Early registartion ends September 30, 2016

About the Speaker and program organization:Nancy E. S. Wood, LSW, BSN is the founder of Families Turning™. She writes, provides workshops on adult to adult family relationships and does direct counseling and spiritual direction for individuals and families. She draws on her decades of work as home care, acute physical Rehab, and pain management nurse, along with her background in counseling. She has a lifelong passion for the strength and growth inherent in living a harmonious inter-generational lifestyle. Her intergenerational household and immediate family, which are known for impromptu dancing and singing, includes her mother, two young adult children along with her husband, Paul.   www.FamiliesTurning.com









Registration is easy.  Download Registrationform here:  Families Turning Registration Form



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